What is Design&Build?

Ideally, a building process moves seamlessly from ideas to plans to construction. In reality, this is not always the case. Designs turn out too expensive, architects and contractors disagree, clients and contractors miscommunicate, subcontractors don’t show up, codes and regulations interfere, and so on. The Design&Build approach attempts to streamline the building process by offering clients a one-stop address for all aspects of building from beginning to end.

With STICKS AND STONES, Inc. as your designer and builder, you, the client, will be working with GEORG BUECHI, our founder and president, from the very beginning of the project to the very end, from the first design sketches to the last punch list. We support and value good and open communication between everybody involved especially between you, the client, and us.

Our team of builders, all employed for many years and experienced in many aspects of construction, will be on your job site from beginning to end supported by our subcontractors, all of whom we have known over the course of many projects.

The Design&Build approach has many advantages:

a) A single contact person throughout the project with whom to discuss and decide issues of design, construction, schedule and costs

b) Design&Build projects include cost estimates from the very beginning of the design and eliminate “sticker-shock” after a design is completed.

c) Client participation is welcome and encouraged throughout the Design&Build process

d) Design&Build projects move quickly from design to permits to construction, saving time and costs. The bidding procedure after completion of the design is eliminated